Friday, June 17, 2011

Matching Game!

Here's a vocabulary matching game. Some are easy and I've mentioned them before. Match the British word on the left with the correct definition on the right:

ice lolly                                    tired
bin                                           pacifier
neep                                        eraser
tattie                                        eggplant
banger                                     underwear
chips                                        Sprite
crisps                                       sidewalk
pudding                                    undershirt                               
biscuit                                      popsicle
crackers                                  flashlight
boot                                         amazed
knackered                                french fries
courgette                                  potato
aubergine                                 diaper
lemonade                                 procrastinate
lorry                                        sausage
dummy                                    trashcan
jumper                                     dessert
pants                                        rutabaga
pavement                                 cookie
vest                                         zucchini
torch                                        trunk
rubber                                      sweater
nappy                                       potato chips
faff                                          Christmas party favor
gobsmacked                              truck

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